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phishing scanner

You can test for an URL (e.g. ""), a brand name (e.g. "Paypal") or an IP Range (e.g. "")

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The IsItPhishing Rest API allows you to check whether an URL is phishing or a spam website in real-time and gives the result in 1.8s (average response time). This service is chargeable, you can have an insight into the Rest API technology with the research on this website.

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Ransomware Prevention


With the Alerts service, you can be informed in real-time notification by email services designed for brands and hosting companies. It is free and fully automated! We warn you when your brand is used in a phishing attack or when your servers host a phishing website.

The services leverage IsItPhishing machine learning algorithms to trigger alerts when new phishing pages have been detected, allowing you to proactively protect your reputation and prevent fraud.


Fight phishing with us

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